Working with the board members of the Enfield Public Library, I designed a fundraising brochure that was an invitation to the community to contribute to the construction of their new public library. 

The brochure was mailed to members of the community in a transparent envelope so the slogan “Be A Benefactor” could be seen inside. The brochure was to be opened one panel at a time, which inspired me to treat it as if it was a gift being opened, with each panel revealing some copy and a rendering of the future library. Here are some comments about the brochure:  

"I just want to say, "outstanding" to the mailing you just sent out for the Campaign for the New Enfield Public Library. You can count on me to be a supporter. Please, tell me who designed the piece. It is truly one of the nicest pieces for a fundraising project I have seen. The piece really shows that you have put a lot of thought and organization into this project. Makes me proud to be a resident of Enfield."

– Dolores Struckhoff, Executive Director, Enfield Shaker Museum

"Wow, it looks great, guys! I just showed it to our head of development here at the museum and she thought we might use it as a template for our $200M building campaign coming up in a few years. Let’s hope it attracts the right people in town!"

– T. Barton Thurber, Associate Director for Collections and Exhibitions, Princeton University Art Museum